Vintage Cars
Vintage Cars
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We love seeing classics Alive again!!!




We love putting silly power into them too...




One of three cars ever built by Pontiac lives at ANGRY DOG GARAGE Pontiac 400 Ram Air triple blue topless Firebird

Welcome to Angry Dog Garage in Southern California.

Complete Rebuilds


Custom Frames

Complete new frames to handle the engines Hot rodders love.

RIGHT HAND DRIVE FRAMES Available now WITH Australain Import Approval!

High Performance Engine Builds

There is no thrill like the sound of Horsepower!!!

Where Classic car and Trucks meet their Custom Frames and get Huge Horsepower.  

Angry Dog Garage has done it all and Continues to DO it all!

Our goal is to keep the beauty of these classics alive while adding the benefit of modern technology to these Classics to make these rides as comfortable as they are to the eye - to ride!


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